A data-driven startup studio

Standing at the limit of an endless ocean
We're small but mighty.
A new kind of company.

The idea to create Fierce Ventures began in San Francisco.

After 10 years of building technology companies in London, Melbourne and San Francisco we wanted more.

Those ecosystems are fantastic and the experiences incredible but we wanted to have a real impact and create something of our own.

We also wanted to return home to Australia, so we did.

Small but mighty.

Fierce Ventures was founded in 2014 in Townsville, Queensland.

We are a small team of talented, passionate and driven individuals.

We move fast, are disciplined and expect the highest quality. Always.

Innovate with experts.

Our clients are ambitious upstarts and executives innovating within big companies.

They are experts of their domain who have identified a significant problem and opportunity in their industry.

They trust us to take their vision and craft a solution that will form the foundation of a fast growing, sustainable enterprise.

We're always happy to chat.

Stranded like a runaway, lost at sea
Contract, 2023Web Application DevelopmentNextJS | Firebase

A mobile platform that streamlines the buying and selling of services

With a one-tap sign-up process, it offers a simple and secure payment system.

Buyers benefit from in-app secure payments, no hidden fees, easy management of payments and subscriptions, direct chat with service providers, and convenient payment reminders and receipts.

Newie aims to save time, increase earnings, and reduce administrative burdens for both buyers and sellers.

City on a rainy day down in the harbor
Contract, 2021Web Application DevelopmentClojure | Datomic | RedisGraph

Discover, track and share intel on investors, people, and companies.

Pyxis is an advanced platform designed for both investors and companies, offering a comprehensive set of tools to manage unlisted investments and gain key insights into potential investment opportunities.

Pyxis also facilitates efficient networking by identifying connections between people and companies, enabling users to create tactical roadmaps to reach target investors.

Pyxis emphasizes confidentiality and data integrity, ensuring that shared intel remains secure within chosen groups or peer networks.

Watching as the grey clouds shadow the bay
Contract, 2015-2018Web Application DevelopmentJava | Clojure | PostgreSQL | Datomic | AWS

A Journey Management Solution that creates safe travel experiences irrespective of where you go or how you move

We led design and technology at JESI, launching a global product and building a first-class development team.

Fierce designed and developed a cloud-based, responsive web application, complete with fully automated AWS infrastructure management and continuous delivery pipeline.

Looking everywhere 'cause I had to find you
Contract, 2017Web Application DevelopmentPHP | Video Streaming

An on-demand video streaming service that delivers expert advice to parents

We worked with an ambitious founder to launch ParentTV on a short deadline.

We're excited to see ParentTV is growing quickly and gaining a lot of attention.

This is not the way that I remember it here
Contract, 2017Application DevelopmentiOS | Android | Machine Learning | Web Development

A realtime, cloud-based machine learning solar usage prediction and pricing system

We designed and built Beam's realtime, cloud-based machine learning architecture and native mobile apps.

Beam is a smart meter and mobile application that discovers your optimum solar energy solution.

Using Beam's proprietary algorithms we process vast amounts of usage data to create highly optimised solar system recommendations to customers.

Anyone will tell you its a prisoner island
Contract, 2016Application DevelopmentWeb Development | AWS | Financial Modelling

A new way for Financial Advisors to onboard new clients, capture financial data and model financial outcomes

We designed and built an innovative way for Financial Advisors to onboard new clients, capture financial data and model financial outcomes.

FileNote is an innovative tool for Financial Advisors developed for MLC and their large financial planning network.

Hidden in the summer for a million years
Partnership with Townsville City Council, 2021Application DevelopmentWeb Application Development | Geospatial tracking | AWS

Real-time city crisis management software

Clarity shows disaster management groups where, how and why people are moving. It provides clear insights into where best to allocate critical resources during an emergency.

Model disaster events and overlay those outcomes on real-time, on the ground data to improve the quality of your decisions during critical moments.

Great Southern Land, burned you black
Contract, 2018Web Application DevelopmentPython | Video Encoding | Video Streaming | AWS
Team Train

Micro-learning for workforces

TeamTrain allows workers to create short video based training and safety courses.

We worked alongside the SafetyCulture team to design and develop a mobile video encoding and delivery platform.