We're small but mighty.

A new kind of company.

The idea to create Fierce Ventures began in San Francisco.

After 10 years of building technology companies in London, Melbourne and San Francisco we wanted more.

Those ecosystems are fantastic and the experiences incredible but we wanted to have a real impact and create something of our own.

We also wanted to return home to Australia, so we did.

Small but mighty.

Fierce Ventures was founded in 2014 in Townsville, Queensland.

We are a small team of talented, passionate and driven individuals.

We move fast, are disciplined and expect the highest quality. Always.

Innovating with experts.

Our clients are ambitious upstarts and executives innovating within big companies.

They are experts of their domain who have identified a significant problem and opportunity in their industry.

They trust us to take their vision and craft a solution that will form the foundation of a fast growing, sustainable enterprise.

We're always happy to chat. To learn more or engage us reach out: contact@fierce.ventures